Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor

Model Number: A41-660C
Prior Part Number: 660C

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  • Product Description

    Our Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor can catch a greater volume of hair, fur and debris from your waste system. This unit also gives you the advantage to cut down and almost eliminate sewage gases from drifting out of the drain pipe into your home or building. Protects and keeps your septic or public water systems running smoothly. This system provides easy access to the wide mouth cylinder inside your bathing tub. Unit can be easily emptied from the top of the tub in a flash. This unit meets IAMPA plumbing codes for the United States.

  • Features and Specs

    Shipping Dims & Weights

    Width: 5"
    Length: 9"
    Height: 5"
    Weight: 3 lbs.
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